Executive Draws on Lessons Learned at USF for Global Project

Sarah Caravalho Khan MA '06

Sarah Caravalho Khan MA ’06

Sarah Caravalho Khan MA ’06 hopes to instill in future students the same values she learned at USF in the School of Education’s organization and leadership master’s program. Caravalho Khan says, “I can’t thank USF enough. It changed the trajectory of my career and me as a human being.”

After working for 20 plus years in human resources, Caravalho Khan‘s new role at Align Technology is to transform the company’s global culture to bemore service orientated. Work that Caravalho Khan describes as "bringing more empathy into the sometimes product-focused corporate world."

“I am drawing on the service learning skills, servant leader philosophy, and values that I learned at USF. We are laying the foundation for our employees to be more empathetic and treat one another with care and respect.”

With Caravalho Khan’s specialized work experience and Jesuit-influenced method of working with others, shehas become a valued member of USF’s Alumni Board of Directors and currently serves as vice president."Through her strong leadership, Sarah has the great ability to help others, see all perspectives, build strategy,and create change," says Taryn Moore, USF director of alumni engagement. "Her wisdom,empathetic approach, and affinity for USF are gifts in and of themselves. Her work on the Alumni Board of Directors has helped guide our goals and strategies and is helping set the stage for success in the future."

As a daughter of a Pakistani immigrant, Caravalho Khan says the she felt like part of a community at USF, and the Jesuit experience made her more aware of the opportunities and privileges she had but many people lack.Caravalho Khan explains, “I am sympathetic to students who are immigrants and may have fled from horrible situations in other countries. Many do not have a support network. Also, this past year’s social movement has made me even more aware of others’ suffering. We need to take care of each other.”

To honor that sentiment, Caravalho Khan and her husband, Peter Caravalho, donated this year to the School of Education Undocumented Student Scholarship, the COVID -19 Response Fund, the USF Institute for Non-Violence and Social Justice, and the USF Fund.

To further support students, the Caravalhos have included a bequest to USF’s School of Education in their estate plan. While many people wait until their retirement years, the couple wants to plan their legacy early in life. “We want to direct what we really worked hard for and give where we can make a difference and do the most good. That includes giving back to the institution that helped raise my social consciousness and supporting scholarships for students.”

You can make a gift like the Caravalhos’ by including a gift to USF in your will, trust, or retirement plan. For more information call (415) 422-4163 or e-mail giftplanning@usfca.edu.